New SHOCK theory emerges about Charlottesville driver's "motive" and it's blowing MINDS

from Allen B. West

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Lo and behold new video has surfaced and pre-existing video more closely studied that may indicate Fields was under attack when he mashed the gas pedal and just maybe was in fear for his own life.

The video referenced here has been manipulated to mislead viewers. This is a short section of the longer original video. The full, unmodified video clearly shows the car accelerating towards the crowd several seconds before it was hit by the man with the bat. The engine of the car can also be heard revving up in the original video as the car accelerated towards the crowd. This video has also been manipulated to make it appear to be moving slowly before it was hit.

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Department of Memes reported that police officers in Charlottesville believed the driver was not acting maliciously, suggesting he was scared by the protesters on every side of his vehicle and he did not know what to do.

This statement cites an unreliable source. The "Department of Memes" article cites a single tweet (since deleted) by a reporter in the immediate aftermath of the event. The reporter followed up soon to say the police officers in question were speculating, weren't on the scene and hadn't seen the video.

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Last night it was revealed by a journalist who spoke to numerous officers at a police station in Charlottesville, Virginia that numerous officers believed the act was not malicious, and was done out of fear.

The journalist cited here immediately posted a clarification that the officers in question were not at the scene and had not seen the video.

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One such video posted to Streamable shows the driver slowing down, then accelerating quickly after his rear bumper is struck with the baseball bat.

The driver does not slow down in the original video (shared by Fox News on YouTube). The video has been manipulated to give the appearance of slowing down, and the audio removed to conceal the obvious revving of the engine as the car accelerated towards the crowd.