How the FCC's move on net neutrality could impact consumers

from Fox News

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Here’s a look at what net neutrality is and how the FCC's plans could impact consumers nationwide.

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but not a ton of reason to think they would do these things, which would antagonize customers,

Internet service providers have a long history of blocking access to services that compete with their own, like blocking apps like Skype and Facetime or redirecting searches to their own services against user's wishes. These and other violations are detailed in the articles cited here.

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“What’s more realistic is the introduction of plans that provide higher speeds for specific bandwidth-intensive services,” he said, pointing to streaming high-definition Netflix videos as an example of such a service.

This tilts the playing field in favor of existing players who can strike deals to get included in such plans, and excludes competition from new, less established services. The contrast between Netflix's stance on the subject in 2012 when their streaming service was brand new, and today , when they are the dominant player shows this dynamic at work.