Can Smelling Farts Cure Cancer? Scientists Say Yes-ish!

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Can smelling farts cure cancer? No, right? Right. But also: maybe!

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Can Smelling Farts Cure Cancer? Scientists Say Yes-ish!

The study this article is based on makes no reference to smelling farts or even hydrogen sulfide gas. It's based on using a complex molecule called AP39 to deliver a molecule of hydrogen sulfide directly to the mitochondria in cells. Smelling farts (or H2S gas will not achieve this effect). The study also does not make any reference to cancer or any other specific disease. It merely showed how cell damage can be prevented in certain circumstances.

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Scientists at the University of Exeter have found that fart smell can potentially offer health benefits in a range of issues, like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, and dementia.

The authors added a note clarifying that this is not true: Note from the study authors: In light of misleading headlines on the above press release, the authors would like to stress that neither the papers (!divAbstract,,,, and nor the accompanying press release above make any reference at all to cancer or to any health benefits from inhaling (sniffing) hydrogen sulfide. The research is an early stage drug development project and has not yet been trialled in humans.