Corporations Remaining in Russia (Fully or Partially)   edit

Russia Ukraine
Name keyboard_arrow_down Date Announced Country Industry Details Citations
Anheuser-BuschMar 11, 2022BelgiumDrink/BrewingStill operating in Russia, forfeiting profits from a joint venture with a Turkish brewer in Russia[3]
CampariMar 3, 2022ItalyAlcoholic BeveragesProviding for its Russian employees and making financial donations, no mention of withdrawing business activities[6]
CargillMar 11, 2022United StatesAgricultural ServicesUnspecified scaling down of non-essential operations[7]
CloudflareApr 2, 2022United StatesInternetContinuing operations in order to keep the internet "as open as possible for the Russian people" [2]
Johnson & JohnsonMar 29, 2022United StatesPharmaceutical, Medical DevicesSupply medicines and medical devices in the region, suspend supply of personal care products in Russia[10][11]
Mondelez - NabiscoMar 9, 2022United StatesFood ProcessingScaling back all non-essential activities in Russia while maintaining continuity of the food supply[13]
PfizerMar 14, 2022United StatesPharmaceuticalMaintaining supply of medicines to Russia on humanitarian grounds, donating all Russian profits to humanitarian groups in Ukraine, no new clinical trials in Russia, transitioning ongoing clinical trials to sites outside Russia[9]
TotalEnergiesMar 22, 2022FranceOil and GasWon't purchase new Russian oil or capitalize new projects, existing natural gas projects remain[8]

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