US Politics

Presidency of Joe Biden

The Biden administration will raise the annual refugee cap to 62,500 people, up from the cap of 15,000 set by the previous administration.
The Biden administration announced The American Family Plan, which includes support for education and child care. The plan includes $1 trillion in new spending and $800 billion in tax credits.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Biden to address a joint session of Congress on this date.
The Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit brought against former President Trump by individuals he had blocked on Twitter, since the case is longer longer relevant now that he is not in office.
Two U.S. Capitol Police officers that sustained injuries sued former President Trump for inciting the January 6, 2021 riot.
A New York Federal judge ruled that a confidentiality agreement signed by a former Trump campaign worker was “invalid and unenforceable.”
Fulton County (Georgia's largest county) passed the "Stop Voter Suppression" resolution, 4-2, to direct the county attorney to provide "recommendations on, any and all legal avenues to fight implementation of Georgia's voting law, SB 202."
Georgia passed a law to restrict voting access in the state, including more voter identification requirements for absentee balloting, limiting drop boxes, and increasing the Legislature’s role in elections.
President Biden has selected Gene Sperling to oversee spending from the $1.9 trillion relief bill. Mr. Sperling was previously director of the National Economic Council under President Clinton and Obama.
Federal unemployment benefits will expire. These benefits were part of the March 2020 CARES Act, and were extended by the December 2020 Continued Assistance Act.
The US, Japan, India, and Australia, a group known as The Quad, announced that they will finance an expansion of vaccine manufacturing capacity.
The U.S. Senate voted 57-43 on Trump's impeachment charge. All fifty democrats and seven Republicans voted to convict but this fell short of the 67 votes needed to convict.
The Senate voted 56-44 to move forward with the trial. Six Republicans joined the 50 Democratic senators.

Big Tech Regulation

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing for Lina Khan, nominee for FTC Commissioner. She is known for paper “Amazon Antitrust’s Paradox" which calls for tighter regulation.