Washington, D.C.’s attorney general Karl Racine issued a consumer alert urging residents to avoid using Facebook Messenger and other unencrypted messaging services for their abortion planning. In a statement, Racine referenced an earlier story about a Nebraska woman who's facing multiple felony charges for allegedly helping her teenage daughter illegally abort her pregnancy. She made arrangements using Facebook Messenger. “Stories like these confirm the importance of data privacy," said Racine. Racine welcomed people from states where abortion is banned — as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade — to receive the procedure in the district, where it remains legal. But he said they should communicate using secure, encrypted messaging apps, suggesting Signal and WhatsApp, which offer secure end-to-end encryption so messages can be only seen by the recipient.
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  1. CONSUMER ALERT: Avoid Using Unencrypted Messaging Sites Like Facebook Messenger to Communicate About Seeking Abortion Services

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