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  • Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover help_outline

    A software issue was identified during a high-speed rotor-spinning test, pushing back the first flight date until next week.
    NASA released the first audio recording ever taken of laser pulses on Mars, taken by the SuperCam recorder tool. The audio will be analyzed to provide information on the structure of the rocks.
    Perseverance drove on Mars for the first time, covering 21.3 feet. The drive is one of many systems tests that the rover must complete before beginning its mission.
    Perseverance moved its robotic arm for the first time, a key milestone during the rover's warmup period.
    Perseverance deployed its wind sensor, part of Perseverance's weather station, which will monitor air temperature, humidity, radiation, dust and wind.
    NASA released the first ever audio recorded on Mars; Perseverance's two microphones picked up the sound of wind blowing.