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About Facteroid

Facteroid is fresh new approach to news.

We present news topics as an interactive timeline of events supported by data, charts, and original documents. We keep every timeline up-to-date as events unfold over days, weeks, or months.

Our mission is to keep you informed and save you time.


We distill timeline entries down to essential facts: what happened, when did it happen, and where did that information come from? Every item on facteroid references original sources.

We believe that nobody should be taken at their word—including us. We strive to link every piece of information we present back to its original source so you can verify it yourself.


If there is data relevant to a news topic, we want to bring that to directly you. A single chart can sometimes convey information more accurately and contextually than a 1,000 word article.

Most charts on Facteroid are live and interactive so you can slice the data and adjust the settings to understand the data better.

Powered by You

You can create new topics, fill in gaps in timelines, and weed out opinions and unsupported claims that creep in. Users can suggest edits to most items on Facteroid.

A Facteroid administrator will verify user contributions to ensure that all user contributions are factual and supported by official sources, and are up to Facteroid’s standards in general.