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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Facteroid different from other news sites?

Facteroid presents factual data about news topics in timelines, charts, lists. We strive to present well-documented objective facts and figures concisely, while keeping things in context.

Traditional news sites present news in a series of articles, which must strike a balance between presenting the latest information and giving readers background information. Choices made by even well-intentioned writers cause subjective opinions to creep into articles.

Where does the content on Facteroid come from?

Content on Facteroid is maintained by a combination of staff editors, scripts that collect data from the Web, and suggestions by our community of users. Any registered user can suggest, but edits need to be approved by a moderator.

How do you decide which topics to cover?

We identify new topics to cover based on a combination of user suggestions, topics covered by other media outlets, and editorial decisions. If you think we’re missing a newsworthy topic, you can suggest on by clicking the “Suggest Topic” button on a Section page.

I found an error. What should I do?

Several pages including summaries and timeline entries have ways for users to suggest edits. Our goal is to make it possible for users to suggest edits to all content on the site, but not all features are complete right now. If you don’t see a way to suggest an edit to the item, feel free to contact us at

Who are the moderators?

Content is currently moderated by Facteroid staff, but we are exploring ways to expand this to some trusted users.

What is the reputation score?

Facteroid users gain reputation when their edits are accepted by a moderator. You can see the top contributors in Facteroid on the home page. In addition to bragging rights, in the future, trusted users with high reputation will gain additional privileges on Facteroid such as the ability to moderate other users' contributions.

I think Facteroid is biased.

Facteroid doesn’t advocate any policy positions in news items. If an entry appears to do so, that is an error, so please suggest an edit to keep it to the facts. If you feel like a topic of interest is not covered, feel free to suggest it. If you feel like people of a certain demographic or political leaning are under-represented, please help us fix that by inviting those people to join.

We do occasionally advocate policy positions in our blog posts. These are positions in favor of open access to data, integrity of publshed information, and other similar positions that help further Facteroid’s mission.

How does Facteroid make money?

We intend to add a paid membership tier in the future with additional perks and features.