How we combat fake news

We believe that everybody can and should be a part of the fight against fake news. That's why we have built a platform that allows everyone to participate. With you can highlight inaccuracies on any news article on the web, and see other people's contributions. You can also ask the community to fact check a page, and invite responses from experts in a field.

How it Works

Annotations are at the heart of how you view and contribute fact checks on our platform. Claims or facts stated on a web page can be tagged with problems like MisleadingOut-of-contextUnsourced claim, or additional context like Primary sourceRelated info. The tags are supported by an explanation and citations. 

Sample annotationWe believe this is a more nuanced approach than merely labeling an entire article or website "fake news", because you can go beyond broad labels and actually learn the facts for youself.

We encourage you to take a look at news sources you've previously dismissed as "fake news", and actually point out the inaccuracies in their reporting. We think you'll find the experience as rewarding and illuminatings as we do. 

You'll help prevent other readers from being misled, and gain the knowledge you need to engage in meaningful debate to help prevent a false news story from spreading.

Escape Filter Bubbles does not block you from reading or sharing articles regardless of content. We believe that it's far better to counter fake news with real information than to attempt to block it out. Filtering information can never be 100% accurate puts too much power in the hands of the person or system doing the filtering.

Our approach merely highlights potential problems with an article you're looking at and makes it easier to follow sources and learn the facts for yourself. If you encounter a false or misleading article, will tell you why you should not believe it rather than simply dismissing it based on the author or source.

Get Started

We'd love to have you join our community of fact checkers! We have made it easy for anyone to start contributing in all kinds of ways, big and small. Sign up and we'll get you started in no time.

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