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On the Facteroid Blog you'll find information about new and upcoming product features, and our own deep dives into particularly interesting fake news stories. We'll also share interesting articles from around the Internet related to the fake news phenomemon and efforts to fight it.

An easy way for Twitter to improve its trustworthiness

Twitter verified accounts should not be allowed to delete their tweets. If verifying their identity is in the public interest, so is knowing that their Twitter history has not been selectively edited. Read post.

Facebook can't save us from fake news

Countless editorials and even congressional hearings call for Facebook to fix its fake news problem. But Facebook doesn't have a fake news problem, society does. Learn why Facebook can't solve fake news, and how you can be part of the fix.

How to Unravel the Fake News Networks

Fake news spreads rapidly via whole networks of sites that build on each other, and social media users who unwittingly help it spread. See how helps.

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